All three of these black tri girls, Bella, Lacy, and Patty, have crossed the rainbow bridge!​

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​Cody at 9 1/2 years young!

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Bright Eyes Aussies

The Journey of Life is much

sweeter when traveled

​with a dog!

Partee and Legend
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Life is Good for this Aussie


In the summer of 1980, our horses escaped their resident pasture. They ended up running free on Interstate 80, just a few miles west of Reno, Nevada.  The interstate was closed for 45 minutes, while State Patrol and a few on lookers tried with no success to round up these frantic horses.  Finally, a man with a little black dog in the back of his pickup truck arrived from out of nowhere! In a matter of minutes, this man and his amazing little black dog with no tail had our horses back safe in their pasture.

Less than a month later, Levi, our first Aussie, came to live with us. Levi blessed our home for 14 years.  In the short time she was with us, she kept my daughter, age 9 at the time, from being abducted by two men in front of our home.  A few years later, while playing with my daughter at a park a short distance from our home, she kept my daughter safe from some teenage boys that were up to some sort of 'foul play'. Levi was truly a blessing and she will live on in our hearts.

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We sell Australian Shepherd puppies in Arizona. We put health first and foremost!


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​Susan Nelson   Heather Tefft

Kingman Arizona 

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Aussies since 1980

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Aussie & kids playday

Kate and Legend

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Cody #1

Our Aussies are all family members, sleep in the house and all have a turn coming to work with us. Most of our vacations are planned around some sort of dog event.  We never have company over unless they are 'true' dog people and understand what life is like when you share your life with our 'herd' of Aussies. Our furniture is not off limits, our living room sometimes resembles a pre-school with various toys scattered everywhere, when puppies arrive they are in the dining room, and in our house, dog hair is considered a condiment!

This special breed of dog is not for everyone.  We welcome the chance to educate the families that take on this lifelong commitment, and form a bond with every one of them.

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Partee and Legend

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