We have no puppies Available at this time.

Despite all the bad days and the mean people,

I still believe in good days and kind people.

​Plus there are always dogs!

​Visit our Health Testingpage for explanations of the tests we perform on all of our adult dogs.


Our​ Available Puppies


ASCA registered kennel

Susan Nelson  Heather Tefft

​Kingman, Arizona



AUSSIES since 1980

Last updated May 2018

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I'll always be by your side!

Selectively breeding health tested parents

​Puppies raised the 'puppy culture' way!

I know I am just a dog

​But, if you feel sad, I'll be your smile.

If you cry, I'll be your comfort.

And if someone breaks your heart,

​we can use mine to live.

​​Bright Eyes Frost Yourself! RATI

Eyes OFA clear 2017

​OFA Hips GOOD/elbows normal

​HC, CEA, PRA/PRCD, DM, CD clear


Full dentition/scissor bite

​Red factored

​Diamond is a friendly girl, full of energy and life. She is extremely intelligent and picks things up very quickly.  Very athletic with plenty of focus and drive.

Bright Eyes Australian Shepherds

​Puppies due April 18, 2018

​All colors possible

​Puppies will need to be in an active home environment. 

If you have an interest in an available puppy or an upcoming litter,

​please fill out our questionnaire.

ASCA CH Bright Eyes Star Command

EYES OFA clear 2017

​OFA Hips GOOD, Elbows and Patellas normal

​OFA Full dentition/scissor bite

HC, CEA, PRA/PRCD clear by parentage

CD, DM clear  MDR1 m/n

Dilute gene Clear

Red factored

​Buzz is quite the clown!  He does not know a stranger.  When people come to visit, everyone always wants to take him home!  He is very intelligent but tends to be on the bossy side.

​Very athletic with tons of energy. Very affectionate!