Summer Fun ... 2014

Making the most of a mud puddle!




Water Dogs

Lake Havasu, Arizona

​We were wolves once, wild and wary.

​Then we noticed you had sofas!

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​Photography by Kate Tefft

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​Just For Fun!

Photography by Heather Tefft​

​Blackberry pickin' is for everyone!

​They definitely know how to have Fun in the Sun!

Is this the latest in herding

dawg fashion?

​Waldport, Oregon ... Summer 2014

​They call it 'ditch jumping'!

King of the roost!

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​Beach Fun

Makin' a BIG splash!

Farm Life

A day at the river!

Roaring River ... Scio, Oregon ... Summer 2013

Avon ... Our shop chicken!

​'I'm thinkin' of a jail break!?!'

Bah Bah Black sheep!

Have you any wool?

What cha lookin' at?

​Did you say 'dog'?

Our red boy, Cody's, last vacation with us!

Thank goodness for doggie coats!

​A new game on the farm?

Bright Eyes Australian Shepherds

Air Jitterbug!

'​Big Ben Rodrigue'

​Look what I found under the Christmas Tree!​


A fun day at the beach ... Waldport, Or

Fairy Princess Jitterbug

Costume Contest


ASCA registered kennel

Susan Nelson  Heather Tefft   Linda Kuster

​Bandon, Oregon


Aussies since 1980

Last updated August 8, 2017

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​Summer 2011

Just turn your back for a minute and I will show you who your friend is!

     "Aussie Wiggle Butts"

I don't see any chicken treats in here!

​What's up with that?

Rub a dub dub! Three pups in a Tub!​​