Many new families are experienced with adapting life with a puppy.  Many families, this is your first dog. australian shepherd


​This site has an abundance of vital information from puppy to adult and everything in between.

​NuVet can be ordered on my site.

These are referred to as Knuckle bones.  These bones are for an adult or older puppy. Remember when feeding bones always take away the bone when they are chewed down to the size that may become a choke hazard.  Also, many dogs are too agressive and may chew til they are almost gone in a 24 hour period.  Too much bone can either cause diarrhea or constipation. In this case, allow the dog to have for short period of times and remove and save for another day.

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It is important to keep your puppy safe when they are not being supervised. An unsupervised puppy can be destructive, potty, and can put themselves into dangerous situations. It is very IMPORTANT they are contained when not supervised. Below are three containments we personally use for our own puppies.


Below are the supplements your puppy is on when they go home. They can be ordered on line. 

Your puppy will have one of these bones when they go home.  Most times, if a dog was not taught to chew on bones young, they may not chew on bones as an adult.  If they have bones regularly they will never need an expensive dental cleaning.  Some vets charge up to $500 for a cleaning and the dog will be put under anesthesia. This type bone should only be given while they are puppies as they are weight bearing bones and can break an adult tooth. Puppies do not have the jaw power. We do not use the knee caps as they are small and may be a choke hazard. These bones are from beef grown, harvested and processed in Nebraska.


When using Dawn Dishwashing soap ALWAYS use the original with the duck on the label. Soap with antibacterial ingredients or scents is NOT good for your dog.  Do not use too frequently as it will dry out the skin.

Puppies can have occasional diarrhea.  Sometimes this is caused by adding treats into their diet too quickly. This is what we give our puppies when they have the occasional loose stool, after every worming, and after any kind of antibiotic treatment.  It replaces the good bacteria that is lost.  You can buy it at most high end grocery stores like Fred Myers or a health food store.  Check the expiration date.

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This is referred to as an exercise pen or X-Pen.  They are wonderful for containing a puppy in a safe place where they can not get themselves into trouble while they are not being supervised.

Your puppy will be eating Life Abundance All Life Stages dog food.  It can be ordered on my site.


Bringing Puppy Home australian shepherd puppies

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Pumpkin is added to one of the puppies meals.  It is good for both diarrhea or constipation. Make sure you use 100% pumpkin as Pumpkin pie blend contains squash.


This is referred to as a wire crate.  They come in all sizes and some have dividers that can make the crate smaller and be adjusted to fit the puppy as they grow.  This type of crate is great for older puppies and dogs.

We use MinkSheen on our puppies and adults.  It's a great shampoo for the skin and coat with a long lasting fragrance.  If you are sensitive to smells, this may not be the shampoo for you.  There are essential oils in the ingredients that some people find too over powering. We LOVE it and have used it for years. Any quality shampoo is good as long as it is labeled for dogs.  Human shampoo can do in a pinch, but can dry a dogs skin and coat out with prolonged use.  A dog's PH is different than a humans. If you have a filty dog or a dog with flees, you can use the old fashioned Dawn dishwashing detergent with the duck on the label. It is the best flee shampoo we have ever used and use it on our clients.

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This is referred to as a hard crate. They make great travel confinements, a place for the puppy to take their meals, to be when they are napping and unsupervised. Puppies can sleep overnight.


 At first, do not get one that is too large as they will potty in it. Never correct them while in it.  You want them to feel this is a good place. A safe place.  DO NOT LEAVE IN A CRATE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.