​Best Junior Handler

​Redmond, Oregon

Kate with Jitterbug and her dad, Cody

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​Kate and her dogs!

Kate and Hottee

Winners 3 points

Reserve Winners

AKC Marilynn VanVleit

Katie handling 1

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Katie handling 5
Kate and Jitterbug
Kate and partee

Kate and her girl, Story

katie handling

Kate with her Partee Girl

​7 months old

​​​​​​Our Junior australian shepherd

Katie handling 3

Kate with Cody

Kate's cousin, Kelsey, with Cody's daughter, Lacy


Reserve Junior Handler

3 Best Junior Handler

​9-12 Open Junior

Kate with Partee and Legend

First ASCA rally qualifying scores

Kate, with her two girls, Story and Jitterbug Spring 2010

Kate with her boy Ranger

Reserve Winners

SBJ Paula McDermott

Kate and Ranger

​Pepper Memorial 2006


Cody has been shown in Juniors

​since Kate was 5 years old!

April 2008 ... Zia Australian Shepherd Club

Kate and Cody went Best Junior Handler all 3 shows!

Story and Jitterbug ... Winter 2010

Kate has aged out of the Junior program which ends when turning 18 years.  This is a very great program that teaches children responsibility, team work, and gives them a sense of accomplishment. I  would highly recommend this program! 

SVKC - May 2007

​Sierra Vista, AZ

Reserve Winners

SBJ Marge Stovall

Katie handling 4

Kate and Partee 

Best Junior Handler australian shepherd

Bright Eyes Australian Shepherds

Kate and story
cody & kate
katie and the girls
3 girls
way to go

Kate was awarded a 2009/2010 Degree of Excellence 1,2,3,4

from the Australia Shepherd Club of America. She is shown above with her past and present junior dogs .. Cody and Jits

kate and kids

January 2008

​Kate and Cody

Kate 11 1/2 & Cody 9 1/2

Best Junior Handler wins!

​Best Buddies

kate and cody

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Katie handling 2
Kate & partee

1st Novice Junior class

aussie face

Reserve Junior Handler​

Indian Mary Show

Katie and Hottee