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Resinall K is a traditional Chinese medicine.  We try to use homeopathic of Chinese medicine in treating a lot of problems that may occur with our dogs. This is simply an AMAZING product.  We use it on our dogs and ourselves as well as livestock. It reminds you of the old fashioned mecuricome or methiolate. It has WONDERFUL, fast healing properties.  On cuts ... it is like they heal overnight.  We are never without it. If you have any questions on its use or a testimony of some of the small miracles we had using this product, please call or email.

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Research shows that 80% of a dog's illnesses start in the gut. "An unhealthy gut … An unhealthy dog"!

When treating your dog with antibiotics and when worming your dog, good bacteria is destroyed along with the bad! This must be replaced for the health of the dog. A lot of families try to replace this lost bacteria with yogurt.  In order to replace the amount lost your dog would have to eat a whole carton to even replace a portion of the destroyed good bacteria. We give a powdered probiotic daily to all of our dogs and puppies (Probios) When we worm or use any kind of antibiotic, we do a week regimen of Acidophilus … a live probiotic organism. You can find it in health food stores and high end grocery stores.  Make sure to check the expiration date especially when acquiring from a health food store. 


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