Our puppies are kept with their siblings until 8-9 weeks of age.  We find they become better, well-adjusted adults when kept with their litter mates for longer than 6 weeks.  They learn valuable lessons from each other in this period, that will enhance their temperament, and overall well-being as an adult.

The first step to a super puppy begins prior to birth with the selection of parents that have good health, willing to please, friendly temperaments, and keen minds.  Our puppies are raised within our home and go to work with us after their immune system has started developing around 6 or 7 weeks, which allows them to experience new people, some place other than home, strange noises and different situations.  By the time they are 8-9 weeks old, they are pros at riding in the car in a crate.  Soon after birth, day 3 thru day 16, we start Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises on them.  See the video below.  You also can Google 'Breeding Better Dogs' and click on the early stimulation link to better understand the purpose and benefits of these exercises when a puppy reaches adulthood. Puppies are individually held every day.

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​​​​​​​​Australian Shepherd Puppies​

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Our puppies come with a three (3) year health guarantee and lifetime support for advice, concerns and questions. Puppies are on a spay/neuter contract. We offer performance incentives for families that compete in dog sports. Our adult dogs have hip/elbow clearances with OFA, yearly eye OFA exams, and are DNA tested clear of the hereditary cataract gene, CEA/CH, PRA/PRCD, CD, DM, HU. Our adult dogs are DNA tested for the MDR1 drug sensitivity gene.  Puppies have an eye OFA exam with a licensed doggie ophthalmologist at 7 weeks and a thorough vet wellness check prior to going home at 8 weeks.  Visit our Health Testing page for an explanation of these tests.
Our goal is to produce healthy, well structured, stable working, competition, or the family companion dog adhering to the AKC/ASCA breed standard. A dog that can adapt to any situation. We want our puppies to go to forever homes. A home where they are treated as a valued family member. We do not want our dogs ending up in shelters or in rescues. We re-home our puppies/dogs at any age or for any reason their family cannot care or keep them.

More examples of this early training are meeting new people, introduction to sheep if available, other dogs, individual car rides, introduction to different surfaces and textures, different obstacles and motion, to name a few. Puppies are also raised with the Avidog Sensory System, another method of desensiting. Puppies have early scent introduction starting at day 3 through day 16 coinciding with the ENS exercises.  Each day they are introduced to a different scent, ranging from a pet rat, a pine bough, to a sweet smelling gummy calcium.  Some like the smells and some are indifferent.  Some hate certain ones.  This has been proven beneficial for dogs that will become search and rescue dogs (SAR), barn hunt dogs, dogs that will compete in tracking and nose work, competition obedience, and dogs that will become service/medical alert dogs for people that have seizure disorders or low blood sugar. Finally, cancer detection.  Puppies have a huge variety of stimuli in their puppy area.  One item we use is the 'Adventure Box' (see videos below) This fun filled activity introduces puppies to motion, sound, sight and touch.  All of these methods help puppies become confident, stable adults.  A puppy that will mature into an intelligent, well adjusted family member. 

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Aussie puppy herding 3 sheep California Arizona
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​​The Red Heads!

​'Goose' Tahoe 2017 … Australian Shepherd puppies

My dog does this amazing

​thing where he just exists

and makes my whole life

​better because of it!

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​Puppies go through different stages/periods within the first couple of months as stated in the book 'The Puppy Puzzle' by Pat Hastings.  We use some of her ideas of utilizing these stages to provide the puppies with different environmental stimulation at appropriate times.  An example of this is desensitizing them to loud noises which is valuable when adults.  So many dogs have fear or high anxiety with fireworks, thunder and even the vacuum cleaner.​

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All aboard the Aussie train!​